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There is an easier way to look and feel better.

Is the way you want to look and feel always just out of reach?

When you look in the mirror, you don’t recognize the person looking back at you

You’re so busy caring for others that you’re not taking care of yourself

No matter what you do, you never have enough time or energy

You’ve tried so many other treatments that you feel like nothing will ever help

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Find balance in your busy life with the help of our team. Our goal at AVIVA Infusions is to help you achieve whole-body wellness and a greater sense of confidence. You will look, and feel, your best with customized treatments and care.

Learn more about the clinical use of Ketamine Therapy.

At AVIVA Infusions, we offer life-changing ketamine infusion treatments that can help improve mood disorders such as depression or PTSD as well as treat a wide variety of chronic pain conditions.

  • Highly experienced providers
  • Safe, compassionate, and empathic care

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What Makes AVIVA Infusions Unique?

We provide a top-tier experience through our extensive knowledge, advanced technology, and unrivaled care for our patients. After being so discouraged with traditional medical practices, we made it our mission to treat patients the way we want to be treated. At AVIVA, we take a comprehensive approach to every individual and customize their care to their specific goals and needs. We create amazing, life-changing results for patients of all shapes and sizes. We help everyone look and feel like the most confident version of themself. If you are looking for the PREMIER medical spa and infusion clinic in Green Bay, look no further.

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vitamin c b complex vitamin iv therapy bag - Treat painful scar tissue effectively at Aviva Infusions, Green Bay
Can scar tissue hurt? Get answers at Aviva Infusions
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hello beautiful mosaic mirror facedown - Tirzepatide injections available at Aviva Infusions for advanced care
Can scar tissue hurt? Get answers at Aviva Infusions
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Can scar tissue hurt? Get answers at Aviva Infusions
Medical Weight Loss

Hear It From Our Patients

Julie earned my trust from the moment she and I first spoke on the phone. It is clear that it is important to her that what services she provides achieve results, that is refreshing in this world. She has the right staff too, each one is great and makes you feel comfortable and at ease without an ounce of judgement, they honestly all come across as being happy to be there. I'm still being treated by Julie, and things are improving although still in progress, but if nothing else she has given me hope like I have not felt in as long as I can remember.
My wife has had two sessions at Aviva with Julie. My wife isn't good at leaving reviews so, it falls to me. She has had injections at other clinics. Aviva being the best by far. Being nervous with a new clinic, she ask me to come to the appt. I was allowed to go into the injection room with her. Desired effects were conveyed. How, and if realistically that could be achieved was explained. We both were allowed to ask questions AND got them answered. Injections were almost painless. My wife wanted the injections to be done in two appts. That was absolutely ok. She has said, she will never go to a different clinic. Cost is also fantastic!! Julie also has a really great sense of humor and bed side manner. That is important.
Julie and Team are so welcoming, non- judgmental and supportive to my personal goals. They understand that life happens, but believe that your body doesn’t have to show it. I feel natural and sexy when I leave because I know I had the best care in the area to meet my goals
Julie is beyond knowledgeable and makes sure you are informed and comfortable. Next thing you know you have this new found confidence because of how great she makes you feel and how great you feel about yourself. From injections to weight loss I will be screaming AvIVa from the roof tops. I’ve had Botox elsewhere and am far more impressed with Dysport and am so grateful Julie takes the time and energy to do things properly. When she cleansed my skin not once but twice prior to injections I was immediately embarrassed that I ever let other places inject after one little swipe of an alcohol pad. Julie goes above and beyond. Her staff, Amanda especially, are full of support and positivity. AvIVa is an entire vibe that is sought after and hard to find. Stop looking elsewhere and don’t settle for anything less, this is the place for your wellness and beauty answers.
I started the Ketamine treatments for depression/anxiety reasons about 3 weeks ago and noticed a change in my mood immediately afterwards! Every staff member I have met has went above and beyond to make sure I felt safe, heard and comfortable! 10/10 best experience I’ve had when having to advocate/deal with my mental health.
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