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About Us

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We define care differently

Care isn’t just when you get the treatment. It’s the process from the moment we first speak with you to when we follow up with you after your treatment.

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Unparalleled service

We are committed to exceeding your expectations and providing the highest caliber of safe and effective care. All of our cutting-edge treatments are delivered by highly trained expert providers. 

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Trust and honesty

We are always honest and candid. We take the time to address any concerns. You will never feel rushed or coerced into anything.

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Build lasting relationships

We treat every client like family.

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Our Story

From the moment we met, we knew we’d be sisters forever. Now we have taken our passion for helping others and turned our dreams into a reality.

After years of practicing anesthesia, we realized something was missing from our practice. 

We met 17 years ago during our anesthesia training. In our 20’s we had fun living the newlywed life. In our 30’s we supported each other through having children and dealing with postpartum depression. Now in our 40’s we found ourselves unfulfilled in our careers and starting to notice changes in how we looked and felt.

The nature of anesthesia only allows for brief interactions with patients. We dreamed of a practice that would enable us to connect with our patients on a deeper level and build long-lasting relationships with them. 

Work was taking a toll on us not only mentally, but physically too. It’s exhausting being a mom in your 40’s, juggling work, kids, aging parents, and getting it all done. We’re sure you can relate! On top of that, you start noticing signs of aging but there’s little time or energy for self-care. 

After years of struggling to look and feel great, we saw that something was missing from the approaches at other clinics. We would get little fixes here and there, but there was never focus on the big picture. Clinics lacked personalized, comprehensive care that addressed the entire mind and body.

We created the avIVa concept after realizing that women were struggling emotionally and physically. Aviva means renewal or rebirth. Not only is it the perfect name for our new business, but it also represents our patients’ journey during their physical or emotional transformations. It warms our hearts every time we see a patient smile in joy or cry tears of happiness because their lives have been changed. We are humbled by the impact we have on our patients.

We are deeply dedicated to helping you achieve maximum health, wellness, and outer beauty. We support you on your self-care journey and understand the confidence gained when the inside mirrors the outside. You are in the best hands at avIVa Medical.

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“We are humbled by our impact on others and know that we have finally found our true purpose.”

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If you or a loved one is struggling with a mood disorder or chronic pain condition and other treatment methods have failed to provide relief, then ketamine may be a viable treatment option for you. Contact us today to learn more about our ketamine treatments now available in Green Bay, WI.

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