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Aesthetic Gold Membership

  • TOX- $10/unit Xeomin
  • $3.33/unit Dysport
  • Free B12 injection with each aesthetics service appointment
  • LED therapy 25% off package of 12
  • ZO Skin Care 10% off products
  • 10% off IV Therapy (ketamine not included)
  • 10% off all aesthetic services not listed in membership
  • $50 off single Body Contouring sessions (not combined with monthly Neo maintenance)
  • Exclusive member-only avIVa Events


Aesthetic Platinum Membership

  • TOX- $10/unit Xeomin
  • $3.33/unit Dysport
  • Free B12 injection with each aesthetics service appointment
  • 50% off one syringe filler per year
  • 15% off all aesthetic services not listed in membership
  • LED therapy 40% off package of 12
  • ZO Skin Care 20% off products


  • 12-month minimum
  • 30 days’ notice to cancel without penalty fee
  • Enrollment fee is $50
  • Free month and enrollment gift when paying for one year upfront
  • May combine with Rewards programs (ex: Xperience and Aspire)
  • May combine with Referral Program (no limit), can not use referral credits towards monthly membership
  • May NOT be combined with other avIVa promotions or discounted packages unless stated
  • Each drafted payment is added to your avIVa wallet

Pay monthly or annually, automatically deducted from the card on file. The patient must provide current, accurate payment and account information. Patient agrees to update their account information (including all personal information, phone number, email address, and payment information).

  • Memberships canceled before 12 months will be billed a $500 fee
  • Re-enrollment will incur the $50 processing fee

If paying monthly, initial payment and enrollment fee will be taken at the time of enrollment. All subsequent payments will be automatically deducted from the card on file on whatever day of the month enrollment started.

  • All monthly and annual charges are nonrefundable, including if membership is paid in full upfront for the year
  • Membership credits may not be used for required deposits
  • Accumulated services are lost upon cancellation
  • This is a member-only benefit program, memberships are not shareable or transferable

Our 24-hour cancellation policy still applies for all scheduled appointments and a $100 fee will be charged if this policy is not followed. You may not use wallet credits to cover cancellation fees If funds are insufficient, you will be responsible to refund any fees charged to us for insufficient funds.

Wallet credits will be removed and not returned for each month your account is insufficient once you have been notified. You will be charged for all missed months upon updating the card to retain the benefits of the program. If this happens two times or more during your participation in the Membership Program, you will be removed from it and no longer allowed to participate in it for the foreseeable future.

  • Terms and pricing are subject to change – Pricing guaranteed for a 12-month term
  • May upgrade membership at any time – upgraded tier price guaranteed for 12 months
  • May downgrade membership level for a $100 fee

Patient agrees that it is their responsibility to book their appointments and understands they may not be able to receive all benefits in the same visit for medical reasons

We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue service (or any part or content thereof) without notice at any time. Service will be adjusted or replaced with one of like kind and value.

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