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Ketamine for Chronic Pain

Why Ketamine?

“Recent data suggest that ketamine, given intravenously, can offer fast and long lasting pain relief.”

A Breakthrough Therapy for Chronic Pain Management

Ketamine was initially used as an anesthetic agent. During the Vietnam War, it was used as a battlefield anesthetic because of its rapid onset of action, potent analgesic properties, high safety profile, and minimal side effects.

Today, it is a widely used anesthetic and analgesic in everyday surgical and emergency room procedures. Since 1985, The World Health Organization (WHO) has placed ketamine in the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines. The WHO also describes ketamine as a versatile medicine with a high level of safety used for anesthesia and analgesia in adults and children around the world.


How Ketamine Works

Ketamine has numerous mechanisms of action. Besides increasing glutamate (an important neurotransmitter) production, ketamine’s analgesic effects are produced by binding to the mu, kappa, and sigma opioid receptors. We use ketamine in addition to other medications to provide fast relief of chronic pain conditions. At avIVa infusions, we customize your infusion based on your goals, symptoms, and history.

Ongoing Care

After your infusion, we will continue to monitor your progress with a quick and easy self-assessment tool. This tool also encourages you to be an active participant in your ongoing treatment plan. Enhanced mindfulness of your pain allows you to stay on top of your treatment plan and ensures you receive any necessary booster infusions in a timely manner.

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