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NAD+ Therapy


What if there was an infusion that could turn back time, restore energy, improve athletic performance, improve mental clarity, reverse depression, and help relieve drug and alcohol cravings even in the most addicted individuals? Though it may sound too good to be true, the research to support the use of NAD+ is undeniable.

NAD+ is a small molecule that is found in every cell in your body. It may be the most important co-factor for improving cellular regeneration and is responsible for over 5,000 biochemical reactions in the body.

IV use of NAD+ activates sirtuins, enzymes in the blood that turn on healthy genes. Sirtuins can even turn bad genes into healthy ones! Another way to increase sirtuin levels is through extended fasting. Sirtuins promote autophagy, repairing damaged DNA in cells. NAD+ is important for brain health, energy production, metabolism, and immune function. This miracle molecule is also touted for its effect on aging and is considered the closest thing we have to the “Fountain of Youth”.

As you grow older, your NAD+ levels naturally decline to lead to signs of aging and possibly neurodegenerative changes. Boosting NAD+ slows cellular aging and may help manage many chronic and age-related diseases.

NAD+ Infusions May Be Used To:

  • Improve mental clarity
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Improve mood (anxiety and depression)
  • Reverse signs of aging
  • Boost Immune system function
  • Fight stress and fatigue
  • Recover from drug and alcohol abuse
  • Lessen or eliminate chronic pain
  • Fight symptoms of Lyme Disease
  • Combat autoimmune disease

There are many oral NAD+ supplements available on the market today. Research has not been able to prove that our NAD+ levels increase when we take these supplements by mouth. Presently, NAD+ delivered IV over the course of several sessions is the most effective medically recognized way to increase blood and tissue levels of NAD+ and experience its health benefits.

The recommended dosage and number of infusions will be discussed during a free consultation with one of our medical providers.

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