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Relieve The Pain Once and For All

Chronic pain gets in the way of daily life. Some days it feels like you can’t complete any tasks without your pain making itself known. Fibromyalgia is a specific type of widespread pain that is often–but not always–a result of physical trauma or injury.

If you’ve tried everything for relieving your fibromyalgia, don’t wave the white flag just yet–we have a solution for your pain. At avIVa Infusions, we treat fibromyalgia with ketamine therapy. Ketamine works by attaching itself to the receptors in your brain and blocking them from being activated, thereby muting the symptoms of pain!

When we meet for a consultation, we’ll talk through your goals for treatment and answer all of your questions about our fibromyalgia treatment in Green Bay.

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Treatment Details

Consultation Required?



< 1 day

Sessions Needed: 

4 +

Results Duration:


What it Treats



Cognitive function issues

Brain fog/"fibro fog"

Why Try Fibromyalgia Treatment in Green Bay?


Personalized Infusions

Through a consultation, we will be able to customize your ketamine dosage based on your needs.

Rapid Results

Ketamine can provide pain relief within days and even hours in some cases.

Improved Cognitive Function

Once your pain is reduced, you’ll be able to focus on your daily life again!

What to Expect

The Fibromyalgia Treatment Process



Before diving into fibromyalgia ketamine treatment, we’ll first conduct a consultation. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you and vice versa! We’ll uncover your concerns, symptoms, and expectations using ketamine for fibromyalgia treatment in Green Bay.

You’re encouraged to ask us questions about the treatment and our practice. Once we determine if you’re a candidate for treatment, we’ll book your appointment.


Fibromyalgia Treatment Session

When you arrive for fibromyalgia treatment, we’ll show you to one of our infusion rooms and you’ll take a seat in a comfortable recliner. We’ll begin by taking vital signs and placing an IV in your arm or hand. Throughout your infusion, you are welcome to listen to music, white noise, or watch TV while we monitor your vitals.


Next Steps

Once your IV is removed, you can relax in the room until you’re ready to leave. Since the ketamine infusion will make you quite tired, we require you to have a ride home and refrain from driving for the rest of the day. Before you go, we can schedule any follow-up appointments needed!

Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to your Fibromyalgia Treatment in Green Bay, avIVa Infusions recommends:

Refrain From Eating

Do not eat solid foods for 6 hours prior to treatment. You can drink liquids for up to 2 hours before.

Inform Us

Inform us on your mental health and physical health history and any medications you’re currently taking.

Post-Care Instructions

Following your Fibromyalgia Treatment in Green Bay, avIVa Infusions recommends:

No Driving

Do not drive for the rest of the day. A friend or family member must drive you home from treatment, and this does not include ride-share services.


You’ll likely feel tired after fibromyalgia treatment; give your body the rest it needs. If possible, ask a loved one to stay with you after treatment to assist you.


Make sure to drink water after your treatment to help your body process everything naturally.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is ketamine safe?
How soon will I feel pain relief?
How many infusions will I need?

You will need 4 or more sessions to treat fibromyalgia. We will schedule them either consecutively or every other day. During your consultation, we will build your customized treatment plan and discuss the number of treatment sessions needed. After you complete your series of treatments, we may recommend maintenance sessions.

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