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Medical Weight Loss in Green Bay

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Many of us struggle with our weight at some point or another. Some of us want to regain our figure from years ago, while others of us just want to finally get in shape. Regardless of your reasons, everyone deserves to have a body that they feel comfortable and confident in.

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With medical weight loss in Green Bay, AVIVA can help you achieve your ideal body and maintain it for years to come! Using a combination of treatments and nutritional coaching, our team can help you look and feel the best you have in years.

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What it Treats

Medical Obesity



Obesity-related health concerns

Why Try Medical Weight Loss in Green Bay?


Healthier Eating Habits

As part of our comprehensive weight loss program, we will guide you to establish healthier eating habits. Good habits, along with sensible portioning, are a key component of not only losing weight but also maintaining a healthy weight.  This is NOT another diet.  This is about learning how to eat FOR LIFE.

Improvements to Lifestyle

Many patients begin to see improvements in their overall lifestyle as they lose weight and become more active. A healthy weight and diet can lead to increased energy and a desire to experience more that life has to offer.

Sustained Results

Our treatment plan aims to teach you how to live a healthier life, which will help you achieve sustained results. The goal is not just to help you lose weight, but also to teach you how to keep the weight off!

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What to Expect

How our Medical Weight Loss Program Works



Before beginning medical weight loss treatments in Green Bay, you’ll meet with one of our providers for a consultation. We will discuss your concerns, symptoms, goals, and sensitivities. We will then create a personalized treatment plan for your needs based on this initial consultation.


Medical Weight Loss Treatments

If we find a medical weight loss program suitable for your needs, we will make sure you understand all the components of your personalized plan that we prescribe.


Next Steps

Everyone’s health journey is a bit different. As you progress through your treatment plan, we will monitor your results with regular check-ins. We will make any needed adjustments to ensure you do not hit any plateaus and that you remain healthy through the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I gain any weight back after I've lost it?

When you have reached your goals in treatment, we will ensure you have the resources and understanding to help you maintain your weight.

Will I need to eat/purchase any special foods?

Changes to your eating habits will be a major component of your weight loss treatment, so changes to the foods you eat will likely be necessary to achieve your goal.  But this is not a diet and there are no “bad foods.”  We work hard to get you out of the “diet” mentality, which does immeasurable harm.

Will I need any medications for this program?

Medications may play a role in some medical weight loss treatment plans. We will address whether they are appropriate for your individual needs when we customize your treatment plan.

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